We are interested in understanding the neural mechanisms underlying social cognition and emotional experiences. We focus on the cognitive and emotional consequences of brain pathologies whether psychiatric, acquired or developmental. In addition, recently we are involved in research projects that examine emotional and cognitive brain functions in healthy subjects using imaging and brain stimulation techniques.


  • Characterizing the anatomical correlates of social cognition. Understanding the neural basis of empathy. How do we understand each other? How do we recognize other people's emotions? How do we understand the others' mental states?

  • Understanding the emotional and social consequences of developmental disorders, affective disorders, personality disorders and schizophrenia.

  • Characterizing the anatomical correlates of decision-making and economic behavior. The role of emotion and perspective taking in decision making.

  • Understanding the anatomical correlates of competitive emotions such as envy and schadenfreude.

lab news

28/2/22 | Haifa Brain and Behavior Hub

The lab joined The Haifa Brain and Behavior Hub

28/2/22 | Channel 12 interview

"Myths about love", starting 5:40

4/5/21 | ERC - Advanced Grant

Congratulations to Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory on winning the the most prestigious and high-regarded of the EU's personal research grants, and one of the most prestigious research grants in the world. Prof. Shamay-Tsoory won a grant for her proposal on the subject: "Brains that Fire Together Wire Together: Interbrain Plasticity Underlies Learning in Social Interactions."

5/10/21 | SPR-IL Conference

Outstanding representation of our lab by Keren Gorst at the Society for Psychotherapy Research conference (SPR-IL).

Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory presentation "The empathic brain: The neural underpinning of human empathy"

2/2/20 | ISF scholarship

Congratulations to Dr. Leehe Peled-Avron, for receiving the prestigious postdoc scholarship of the Israel Science Foundation (ISF)

11/2/20 | Labs Collaboration

We hosted the Social Cognitive Neuroscience Lab for a joined meeting. We thank them for sharing their research and insights with us, and hope to meet them again soon.

13/04/20 | Haaretz article

Haaretz article "An advantage of aloneness" by Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory

20/05/20 | GLZ Interview

Post-Covid-19: Has the social distancing changed people? An interview with Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory on GLZ

10/11/20 |Podcast "Introspection: chapter 4"

When two become one: brain synchrony, with Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory

A glimpse to our lab

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